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Buy GE AMX IV Plus Online 

Buy GE AMX IV Plus Online  Portable X-Ray System is a prominent medical imaging solution known for its portability, versatility, and advanced capabilities in providing high-quality diagnostic radiographic images. Designed to accommodate the demands of modern healthcare environments, this portable X-ray system offers flexibility and convenience for various clinical applications.

Key Features and Components:

  1. Portability: The GE AMX IV Plus is characterized by its portability, allowing healthcare professionals to bring X-ray imaging directly to the patient’s bedside or point of care. This feature is particularly valuable for patients who are critically ill, immobile, or in emergency situations.
  2. X-ray Generator: The integrated X-ray generator provides the necessary X-ray energy to create diagnostic images. The system is equipped with various exposure techniques to accommodate different types of examinations and patient conditions.
  3. Collimator: A collimator is typically included to control the X-ray beam’s size and direction, ensuring accurate targeting of the imaging area and minimizing radiation exposure to surrounding tissues.
  4. Control Panel: The intuitive control panel allows radiologic technologists to adjust exposure parameters, select appropriate imaging techniques, and initiate X-ray exposures. User-friendly controls contribute to efficient image capture.
  5. Digital Imaging: Many versions of Buy GE AMX IV Plus Online  incorporate digital imaging technology, allowing for instant image acquisition and display. Digital images can be viewed on the system’s display screen and easily transferred to electronic medical records (EMRs) or picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).
  6. Image Preview: Real-time image preview on the system’s display screen enables technologists to assess image quality before finalizing the exposure, ensuring that diagnostic accuracy is maintained.
  7. Battery Power: The system is equipped with a battery that supports its portability by enabling X-ray examinations even in locations without a direct power source. This is particularly beneficial for point-of-care and emergency scenarios.
  8. Pre-Set Techniques: The system often includes pre-set exposure techniques designed for different patient types and examinations. These settings assist technologists in optimizing image quality and radiation dose for each patient.


The GE AMX IV Plus Portable X-Ray System is suitable for a range of clinical applications, including:

  • Critical Care and Intensive Care Units (ICUs): The system’s portability allows for rapid imaging of critically ill patients directly at their bedside, reducing the need for patient transport and minimizing disruption.
  • Emergency Departments: In emergency situations, the system’s mobility facilitates quick imaging of trauma patients and individuals in urgent need of diagnostic assessment.
  • Orthopedics: The system is valuable for capturing X-ray images of fractures, joint conditions, and orthopedic hardware directly in orthopedic clinics or wards.
  • Pediatrics: The system’s flexibility is advantageous for pediatric patients who may require specialized techniques for successful image acquisition.
  • Long-Term Care Facilities: The system can be used to perform X-ray examinations on patients in long-term care or nursing home settings, where mobility may be limited.

In summary, the GE AMX IV Plus Portable X-Ray System exemplifies the fusion of portability and advanced imaging technology. By providing high-quality digital radiographic images at the point of care, this system contributes to efficient diagnosis, patient-centered care, and improved workflow in various healthcare settings.

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